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The theme for my work is always based on a form of life that pretends to be complete silence. Strength and fragility coexist there. I know a piece is finished when it exhibits life and death, action and rest, something in-between sounds, bustle and tranquility, signal of life, pulse, stillness, or a slight movement in the vacuum.

In other words, it is the space in time and air a second before a maestro draws the baton, or the moment from the time a pianist sits down and places his hands on top of the piano-the sound of the atmosphere already has been transformed before a note is even played. My work cuts out sound from complete silence, stillness, and apprehension. It is exactly the beginning regardless of what proceeds next. Even if it is an interim, it already brings calm pleasure without a hint of negative energy.

I ask myself, "What is the meaning of 'silence'? What is the beauty in life?" I am in a journey to create artwork with the help of the warmth of copper, strength with the pressure and delicacy of Intaglio, and the beauty of monochromatic color. The roots of my techniques are monochromatic photography and Japanese Suibokuga (black ink brush painting) and I combine copper etching and experimentation of ink compound.